Thursday, November 09, 2006


Does this blog have a theme? I guess my primary goal is to have a family scrapbook, but it would be oh-so-nice to do some creative writing again. It seems as though I often think in narrative, rambling about my actions in interal third person. This stepping outside of myself happens most often when I've been reading a lot, and my thoughts turn into a steady stream of prose, most often in the style of the genre d'jour. It seems a logical step to get some writing down, though I would never categorize myself as a writer.
It is a bit of a dilemma, this writing business. Do I want to tell stories for the sake of the story, or for the exercise of telling it in the best possible way? To me it seems that the story will come out well on it's own if it is worthy of sharing. To spend too much time on the prose and style detracts, in my opinion. When does the rhetoric become the focus, rather than the topic? And if all I want to do is keepsake items for the Whompers, does it really matter?

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