Wednesday, November 01, 2006


The first November post for NaBloPoMo...what to say, what to say. We had a fantastic time trick-or-treating last night, it was only after 2 hours that Big Whompers said "I'm freezing". Considering that it was ~0˚C, she did quite well. A decent candy haul as well. She ate her alloted single item, then asked Ehemann "Daddy, you hide it now?" Good to see that she recognizes her lack of self control!
Little Whompers, ensconced in her Elephant costume and snuggled into the stroller, was content to smile, sleep, or blow raspberries (a new trick she learned last week, so fascinating to her that she will even do it while crying). I was afraid that she would need to nurse, and I would be the only ballerina in town with a babe strapped in a sling while various exposed parts braved the frigid elements. Fortunately for me and my sensitive parts, she was happy to wait until we got home. When we got there we sorted candy, Big Whompers went to bed without as little drama as can be expected after that much excitement, and Halloween 2006 was labeled a success.

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