Friday, August 10, 2007

Last week I was feeling like this: Somewhere between the 16th and the 20th of July I lost my sling. The sling that I've had since before Big Whompers was born. It seems silly to be sitting here with tears streaming down my face over a couple of yards of fabric and some nylon rings, but that is the case. I have called everywhere I was that week, and few places I may not have even been. No one has it. Last week was the purge and clean vacation week, so if it was around here, it would have shown up, I am trying very hard to resign myself to the idea that it is gone. I am really torn about getting another one. I didn't use it for nursing all that often anymore, and lately I have been having back pain and using the stroller. And it was a Kangaroo Korner Sling, which are running $55 these days. But...I can't get used to the idea of not having one if I want it.

I also can't decide if another sling will make me feel any better about the one that is gone. It was the most used, most important baby item I had, one of the few things that I would keep for my girls when they are older. Part of me really needs to let it go, as I have been a sad snappish cranky person for a couple of days now. So send hopes for it to reappear, and I will try to imagine that it has a new and happy life somewhere else.

So I made a new sling, and I am so happy that I did. I just didn't feel right without one. I was able to get nylon rings for less than $5 at and found a fabric that I liked but was not declared too girly by Ehemann. The pattern was free online, from a link at

It has been a crafty month or so: 3 aprons, finishing up some trim on Big Whompers bed tent, the sling. I also purchased fabric for a quilt (my first, I must be crazy). When I bought one of my apron patterns recently (incidentally, the last time I remember using my old sling) Ehemann asked me if it included time to actually sew. I have come to the conclusion that projects or none, I am still going to be overwhelmed with housework and incredibly busy, so I might as well have a creative outlet to add a little fun to the mix.
I will try to get some pictures of the sewing up on Flickr, for now I should get some work done.