Monday, November 13, 2006

The Girls

When Little Whompers was born, I made a big deal out of having two girls to Big Whompers. I wanted her to feel that being part of "Mommy's Girls" was a special thing, because it is. We are a unit of females, and having two girls puts me in a family that is distinctly different from my own childhood. (Older sister, younger brother) These girls are sisters, and I've never had one. I want them to be close, both to me and each other. It seems like making a big deal about "the girls" is a small start to helping the Whompers realize that we need to work on having a special relationship. But "the girls" may be a bit too popular.
Big Whompers is totally enamored with the concept of Mommy's Girls. Enamored to the point that she is kicking daddy out of activities, snuggles, bed...preferring me to have "your girls, Mommy, your girls. Daddy is a boy." I keep trying to explain that mommy likes daddy, and am trying to break it to her gently that I would rather sleep with him than her.
So I need suggestions, great internet. How do I foster a close relationship between me and my girls without excluding Ehemann?

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happy and blue 2 said...

I think I'd be focusing on building a family relationship rather than a "girls" relationship.
But I'm a guy.So what do I know, ha,ha..