Friday, November 03, 2006

Every month, as it comes down to the end, I check the status of the checking account and try to decide if we can cut through the 2 more days to pay day or if a savings transfer is necessary. A large chunk of our income goes into our savings account, and every so often a little bit gets moved to the checking. Either I am saving too much and cutting the budget short, or there is too much grab and go eating going on. A distinct possibility is a combination of both; I took most of the summer as unpaid maternity leave, then began paying preschool tuition in the fall, the budget may be a bit out of whack.
So in addition to posting on the blog each day this month, I am going to be keeping track of what I spend every day, and see where our money is moving. Whether or not I'll post this info every day is up in the air, but here goes so far:
Wednesday, Nov. 1 ~$12.00 at the market deli for dinner, between chiropractor visit ($20 copay) and Big Whompers music class ($60 for the final third of tuition). Also the regulars that were debited on the first: mortgage, internet service, preschool tuition.
Thursday, Nov. 2 ~$20 at the market for produce and dairy products.
What shall we have today? An extra principal payment on the mortgage, gas in the cars, a birthday gift for a friend of Big Whompers - I'm out at least another $150. Cash flow indeed.


Anonymous said...

-> -> Fellow NaBloPMo writer here. I saw, I clicked, I read.

I totally understand the budget. See me transfer $$ to saving. See me remind myself I am poor. Unfortunately see me (sometimes) transfer from Savings to Checking. *sigh*

Melissa said...

I'm not sure I'm ready to examine my spending that closely at the moment. That might make a good new year's resolution.