Monday, January 29, 2007

The Sick

Last Thursday night Big Whompers started coughing. And today, I am sweating. This would not be unususal, we are hot people and I am frequently sweating. But it is ~10 degrees outside, so I turned the furnace down to 64 since I am cheap like that. And still, I am sweating. Combined with my throbbing tonsils, I think it is safe to say that Big Whompers has passed on the sick. Grr.
In other news, after having long talks with Ehemann about how insane we are to do this "splitting the workday, I am always on call I haven't been alone in years" type of arrangement, we discussed modifications to make things seem a bit less chaotic. One of those included refraining from any more crafty projects for awhile. Less than a week later we started on the tent.
We are making a tent for Big Whompers bed. Since it is half of a bunk bed it has convenient holes in the posts where you can insert fiberglass tent poles. Yards and yards of cheap (and of course, purple) fabric later, I have a tent that is just about ready to be sewn together. It is turning out really well, I will post some pictures when it is finished. Big Whompers thinks it will keep bad dreams out. I just hope it makes her think her bed is a good place to spend the entire night.
I am off to eat pretend enchiladas (made from fleece tortillas and wooden food) and finish putting away laundry mountain.
Have a good night!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Um, hi, anyone remember me?

I used to write things here? Before the craziness that was December? Um, yeah. It was a bit busy. But we are home, and all the guests have left, and I actually worked a full week last week. Go figure.
Christmas was good. We traveled lots, there were gifts for whompers Big and Small (so many gifts, unbelieveable) and I didn't cry.
This not crying is a big improvement over Christmases past. At some point during the holidays I ususally feel so overwhelmed and out of control that a big, stressed sobfest is in order.
But this year I stepped up. Instead of worrying about what everyone else thought (about any number of things: breastfeeding, sleeping with my baby, going to church at the denomination of my choice) I just did things. Politely, but firmly. And all the worry about what would happen...unfounded.
When I was pregnant with Little Whompers I went to a therapist for the first time, to address anxiety issues I had as a result of things that happened during Big Whompers birth. In doing so, I was able to adress the underlying issue: I am afraid of making people angry, and so I worry and obsess and try to act in the way that I percieve them to expect of me. The funny thing is, I can never really come up with any dire consequences that might happen if I do what I want. This time, in the midst of all the relatives that I married into, I did what I wanted. The world didn't end, I had a happy Christmas, and foremost...I didn't cry.