Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I'm glad that's finished. We made the trip in rather record time, 1 lunch break, 1 gasoline fill-up, 2 potty breaks, and one swap of the mommy into the back seat to wedge my bum between 2 carseats. Total time: 7 hours. Not bad at all. Hotel is decent - I was a bit afraid, it is a former chain hotel taken over by a local company, and at under $50 a night I was suspicious. But it is clean, there is a fridge and microwave in our room, and it has plenty of room for everyone to sleep. Plus I think that having a place to escape to at the end of the day will be wonderful. My parents are great, but the house is small for so many people.
We just broke out the new digital camera for my parents' Christmas gift, so hopefully we'll post some Thanksgiving photos (maybe even one of the turkey, who survived the trip in the trunk).

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happy and blue 2 said...

Have a great Thanksgiving.
And I'm looking forward to seeing the turkey in the trunk surrounded by a spare tire, clothes and miscellaneous other junk,ha,ha..