Monday, November 23, 2009

NaBloPoMo 23

Small moment of panic, when I went to title this post with "23" and didn't see a "22" pop up in the selection box. I wondered if I had managed to miss a day...but I just didn't title yesterday's post. We did indeed make paper snowflakes to put them up in the window. I will try to get a pic up when we have them up.
In other looks like there is a good chance we will be moving this spring. The Eastern Iowa Council of Governments has grant money initially intended for flood victims and first time home buyers, but lack of interest has allowed them to open the program to anyone within income requirements. For Johnson county that means making less than the median income for a family of 5 ($82,000). Since I am not working we are well below that number! The a new home and receive 30% down payment grant in the form a five-year forgivable loan. This amounts to ~$50,000 free money, in addition to snagging a great loan rate because of the high down payment. Out of 54 homes available in Johnson county, only 31 people applied. From the first half of the group only seven homes have been acquired, mostly because of inability to procure financing. We had our pre-approval letter in hand before we even applied; having gotten our initial home loan and our refinance through one of the local banks participating in the program they are happy to loan us money again. So our only hurdles...get one of our preferred home choices (our top homes were all available when we put in our selection request, so this looks good) and sell our home. Since our home is both a good investment property and the price is at a point people can actually afford in this economy, the chances of that look good. So we wait and see, and I refuse to believe that it might actually happen. It seems to good to actually work out!

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