Saturday, November 21, 2009

NaBloPoMo 21

Three weeks of posting each day...not that the content has been all that fantastic, but it's a start.
Yesterday when we were walking outside Thea noticed shadows for the first funny to see her so intrigued. She is adding new words...I heave heard several sentences that are run together into one word: iceeyou (I see you, when playing peekaboo), earyoogo (Here you go, when she hands you something), and uvyou (love you - when giving hugs). She loves the itsy-bitsy spider, which is great, because it distracts her from the cold toilet seat when I sit her on the potty. She was happy to pee on the potty every time I changed her diaper, until it got colder. Then she would frantically start signing "ALL DONE" as soon as her bum touched the cold seat. Between a new seat (plastic...not so cold) and the itsy-bitsy spider she is much more willing to go.
We had conferences with Ella's teacher on Thursday - so much better than last year. She has progressed quickly in reading, starting the year just under the desired level and coming up to speed in the first few weeks. She is still having trouble keeping her hands to herself and being a bit take over the situation bossy, but her teacher has been so helpful. We have implemented a sticker chart at school for keeping her hands to herself at key times throughout the day, and she has a little sign on her desk as well. Her teacher thanked me for the desk card, saying she is able to point to it and remind Ella to keep her hands to herself without drawing everyone's attention. It is so nice to have a teacher recognize that Ella is impulsive about showing affection, and not being malicious. She praised Ella's empathy...her report was very much like Ella's preschool reports: things to work on but also recognition of her good qualities. All the more I am encouraged to believe that the struggles of kindergarten were largely part of a teacher who really didn't mesh with Ella. I can understand that, but as a teacher I think looking a little harder for some postives would be helpful. Ella really loves her teacher this year, which is something we saw in preschool but not in kindergarten. So nice to have an easier go of it this year.
I'll have to do a K├Ąthe update tomorrow, as my hand is going numb. Too much typing.

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