Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NaBloPoMo 18

Target, by the numbers:

2 trips to the bathroom
1 change of pants for Kate, as the second trip to the bathroom was not expedient enough, due to the rest of the list
2 shoes to untie and retie
8000 kinds of shampoo, still unable to find the one I am looking for, possibly because I only know that is for colored hair and comes in a red (I think) bottle, and is sulfate free
37 wails and cries from a tired baby in the shampoo aisle
10 minutes of screams from said baby, while I nursed her sitting on the floor of the shampoo aisle, because her older sister pushed her down to the tile floor, resulting in
1 fat-lipped baby and
2 bloody shirts (mine and hers)
$71 dollars of random household items...shower curtain, socks, spatula, baby wipes, tissues, etc.
~ 60 - the number of minutes later than I thought it was when I left Target, meaning I leisurely meandered back through the mall, letting Kate hang out at Barnes and Noble because the sad, bloody, fat-lipped baby was finally asleep
3:04 pm - the time when I left the mall and looked at my phone for the time, finding it to be an hour later than I thought it was and realizing that Ella will be disembarking the bus in approximately 5 minutes.
1 - woman who lives down the street, standing in my doorway when I pulled in the driveway, whose name I didn't know until today, as Ella had brought her home with her because "the silver car isn't there and my mom isn't home."
1 - beer and 1 - nap = what I need to make this day end on a high note. Sheesh!

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