Thursday, November 12, 2009

NaBloPoMo 12

I survived, though I was wimpy enough to call my doctor as soon as her office opened. A $25 copay for the visit and a $10 copay for 20 phenergan*...totally worth it to stop with the puking. Since Thea had the virus on Monday she had been eating very little solid food and nursing a ton. Consequently, with her nursing and my vomiting I felt like a fragile little flower wilting in the desert. By late afternoon I was brave enough to start with some Gatorade and even ate a bit before I went to bed.
Today comes the aftermath...there is so much laundry, and I have so many dishes to wash. Ella is off to school, and a friend took Kate to preschool for me, so I have two and a half hours to see what I can do to whip things back into shape. Or maybe take a nap...still so tired.
* I love my doctor - she was going to give me 10 phenergan and asked if I'd like more. When I said yes she said - "I'll give you 20 so you have extra on hand - you can give half of one to the kids if they need them." So nice to have such a considerate doctor.

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