Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yesterday just slipped away

We had family pictures yesterday, which turned out well, to my surprise. They were at 3:00 and began the longest 2 hours I have recently experienced. The big girls were surprisingly cranky and uncooperative, and the photographer had difficulty engaging them. I think that we will be happy with the ones we ordered, and most of them are for others anyway. In the spring we will probably have some outdoor ones done with a friend of Ehemann's from high school, I really enjoy her work. Hopefully Thea will actually be awake for a family picture at some point!
Thea was up from 3:30 to 5:30 last night, at which point Ehemann got up to sit with Ella who is in another asthmatic hell these days. I did get to sleep from 6-8, and snooze in the recliner with Thea this afternoon, but Ehemann has essentially been up since 4 AM and we are both about to collapse. Time for bed.

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