Monday, November 03, 2008

Day 3

Three days into motherhood of far the E (the oldest) has pneumonia, K (second) has a cold, and T (fresh new baby) is being shielded in an attempt to keep her healthy. On the plus side, T is sleeping well - nursing at night and going right back to sleep, no bright eyes wanting to hang out and see what's going on at 3 am. Hopefully that will continue, right now she sleeps most of the time regardless. I am trying to encourage her to wake up a bit during the day, she peers around with big blue eyes, trying to take it all in.
She is a beautiful baby, as all my girls have been. Fuzzy blond hair, tiny ears, a well proportioned head with a little cleft chin. I just love them when they are so tiny like this, every conceivable human feature in miniature. And I feel fantastic - labor was my hardest by far, but birth was fast (2 pushes), no tearing, milk is in, and I am getting is pretty great these days.

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