Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A real post

This probably won't be one - I have few free moments these days. Even though there are multitudes of things I'd like to write about, and posts that compose themselves throughout the day, I never manage to get them down. So it goes with a newborn, but at least I will have a brief record of her first month, those little moments that you forget so easily in a blur of sleepless nights and milk-soaked days.
Ehemann has been home last week and this, and I have managed a shower every day of T's short life (most of them before noon, even). Next week he will go back to work, and I am not sure how I will manage to get E ready for school, with a lunch and to the bus stop by 8:05. She is reluctant to walk the block there by herself, and I cannot imagine how I will get her, K, and T down there in the cold by myself. There is a cold drizzle today, by next week there will likely be snow on the ground. New adventures we will all adjust to, I guess.
A family shot from T's baptism last Sunday:

Almost everyone has their eyes open!

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