Sunday, November 20, 2011

So it continues...

Thea was hit by the stomach bug in the middle of the night last night.  She had it a little rougher than Käthe but seems to be doing alright now.  It was pretty much a guarantee that she would get amount of "please don't drink out of Kate's cup/eat her applesauce/etc." worked.  Thursday afternoon she guzzled a whole cup of Käthe's gatorade and reset the clock.
The sight of vomit, and cleaning it up, doesn't really bother me.  I don't retch and gag, but I do develop a psychosomatic nausea that plagues me until about a week after the last person recovers.  The thought that I might wake up shaking and nauseated is terrifying, and so I spend every evening thinking that I feel nauseated and praying it isn't so.
Now that we've had two get sick (especially the little one with the less than fastidious hygiene) I felt compelled to email my midwife and let her know what's running through the family.  As I have had bad experiences with GI bugs while breastfeeding (dehydration, emergency room for fluids, etc.) I questioned if having a pregnancy safe anti-emetic on hand might be worthwhile.  I didn't expect her to see it until Monday hour later she wrote back saying she had called in a prescription to the pharmacy.  At least if I do come down with it I don't have to worry about whether I will be able to keep down enough fluids to keep baby and me healthy.  I feel so much better knowing I have a treatment option in the wings.
What does worry me a bit is Thanksgiving...we are scheduled to be at my in-laws (an hour away) but with a three day incubation we could see someone getting sick as late as Tuesday or Wednesday.  Tom's grandma is in fragile health, so if there is a hint of illness we are staying put.  It would be our first Thanksgiving at home in 10 years of marriage.  I think I will probably pick up a few ingredients for the traditional dishes in case we are celebrating here.

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