Thursday, November 17, 2011


What a long day.  Last night, after a leisurely evening of staying up late and watching Downton Abbey on Netflix, I finally flopped into bed.  45 minutes later I heard someone in the bathroom, and since my 5 year old usually sleeps all night I went to investigate.  Turns out I had heard her unrolling toilet paper to wipe her mouth...she turned around and said "I threw up in the toilet, mommy."  She threw up through the night, and I laid awake waiting for her to vomit.  I managed to get back to sleep at 5:30 and get an hour in before the alarm went off.
I took my oldest to school and then came home and gave the little ones free reign on the netflix...I know that they watched Backyardigans, Veggie Tales, and Strawberry Shortcake.  I dozed in a stupor brought on by pulling an all-nighter whilst 22 weeks pregnant.  I managed to get us all a late lunch and make myself presentable in time to pick up Ella from school.
On the way home I ran by the grocery store to pick up things like Gatorade, disinfecting wipes, crackers, and applesauce.  Chances are, this isn't over.
On the bright side, Tom got home at 4:30, so at least if someone gets sick tonight I won't be going it alone.

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fullfreezer said...

At least she knew enough to get to the toilet. There is NOTHING that will wake you from a deep sleep faster than a tiny voice right over your face in the night whispering "Mommy, I think I'm going to throw up".
Good luck!