Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Dress!

Last Friday I spent some time at Common Threads for my first ever longarm quilting machine rental.  I did a couple of table runners and then spent the remainder of my (child free) time browsing.  I got a pattern from my mother-in-law awhile back for a beach dress that was dated 1963...and found some fabric that seemed to fit the bill while I was killing time in the shop.  Friday night I cut out the pieces (only two, plus a small facing for the frint/back collar areas!) and Saturday I put it together.  Even for a loose-fitting dress it was a bit too billowy, so I added a black elastic belt that in it's former life helped to hold my infant car seat onto it's not quite compatible stroller.  Sunday I wore it to church (Though I didn't get around to taking pictures until today):

And because I couldn't get my 4 year old to take a decent full shot, here are my shoes (because I love them so much):

(I'm linking this to Girls Gone Child's Good Wear post for this week.)

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SO CUTE!!! Beautiful dress!