Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Manic Wednesday

Wednesdays (and Mondays and Fridays, to a lesser extent) are getting crazy.  We have started carpooling on preschool mornings, which I love, because less driving and more days when I don't have to go anywhere are great.  But it means that on the days that I drive I need to have everyone ready to go and out the door at 8 am.  Lately Käthe has been in a foul mood in the mornings, making everything into a struggle.
Today was Ella to school, pick up kiddo for carpool, back home to get Thea dressed and throw in a load of laundry.  Down to preschool for drop off at 9, then groceries until 10:30...pause to nurse Thea...back home by 11.  Swap laundry to dryer, put away groceries, start a short blog post, and back to preschool for pickup at noon.  Home again for half an hour, then it's Ella's early out day, so back to her school by 1:00.  Home again for lunch, homework, naps, make dinner....and Tom and Thea are off to music class at 6.  The longest day of my week that flies by  in a blur because I never sit down!

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