Saturday, November 03, 2012

Willem Update

Our little guy is now 7 months old - my how time flies.  A few tidbits to remember:
At his 4 month appointment Dr. Hempy flipped him on his belly and we were both surprised at his upper body strength. Two days later I tried to lay Willem in the stroller on a partial recline and he strained to lean forward...up went the seat and in a week he was sitting unassisted.
At five and a half months he was gnawing on my finger (as he has always been quite the chewy baby) and I discovered that two teeth were pushing through. I was so sad, in a way, because I love little toothless babies and those teeth are a stark milestone when it comes to growing up.
At 7 months he is getting on hands and knees, spinning on circles on his belly, and going from sitting to laying down and back again.  Crawling will be here soon. A couple of weeks ago we dropped the crib mattress, and a few days later he pulled to standing in it using his musical aquarium.
He loves his big sisters, and daddy is the greatest. When Tom comes home Willem's whole demeanor lights up, and if Tom doesn't pick him up he usually starts to cry.  Willem loves Pippi and Sphinx, and gets super excited if they come near (which is rare, smart kitties). Thea got a stuffed kitty at Build A Bear on her birthday, and Willem seems to think it is real - it gets the same gleeful reaction as the real cats. He is still pretty bald, and his sleeping habits were diminished by the girls being home (and noisy) all summer. I hoped that they would get better after school started, but progress is slow (and there is still one loud sister at home). It doesn't help that it is nearly impossible to nurse him outside of a dark, quiet room; he is too easily distracted. Unfortunately he is making up for it by eating super often in the night - which I hate because I'm waking up so often, but love for the uninterrupted cuddle time.

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