Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Being the Mama

This gem from the Concordian Sisters is spot on. The little guy's sleep habits have become a bit unruly, and he doth protest muchly about being placed in his bed. This is frustrating, as I have "much to do," but I am trying to treasure the moments of incapacity by gazing at his sweet little face and remembering that I am his mama, and babyhood is so fleeting.
K├Ąthe climbed on my lap on Sunday morning, and the busy me wanted to give her a  quick squeeze and get the ball rolling on the process of getting us ready for church. Instead, we sat, still and silent, while I counted the ticking clock.  Three whole wonderful minutes of being held tight by a girl who is usually in constant motion, before she spoke (and as is her fashion, demanded food). It was an eternity and twinkling all at the same time. What a precious, precious gift.

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