Monday, November 05, 2012

By the numbers...

I hope that some day (maybe in the not too distant future) I'll come back to this and cut my former self a little slack. I am super, super negative minded. I see what I haven't gotten done, what I've done wrong, things I could do better.  I spend a lot of time angry and ashamed of what's not "right." I've spent time in therapy trying to learn to speak positively to myself, to see the good, appreciate what's going well. So, in light of that, the good:

Breakfast of fresh cranberry-orange scones and bacon, because I am refusing to run to the store when we run out of things like cereal, bread, and malt-o-meal (oatmeal being inferior in the eyes of my children). It would appear that we need to be in such a destitute state more often.

Kiddos to school on time, with lunches and snacks and homework as needed.

Washed three loads of laundry (only diapers left to do, I needed to give the hot water heater a break). What is sad is that today is supposed to be just towels and diapers, but a load of kids clothes was already sitting by the washer so I did it too.) If I do a load or two every day I can keep on top if it, but we are in the "lots of clothes" season and if I am out for the day I get behind so, so quickly.

Put away a bazillion loads of laundry - almost finished. I counted once, as I was hanging up clothes: as a family we wear about 40 articles of clothing a day, almost none of which can be worn more than once because my children see my clothing as a personal napkin. Pajamas get multiple wearings if no one dumps their breakfast down their front or uses their sleeves as a tissue. The quantity of clothing is insane.

Baked Swedish Rye, due to the aforementioned lack of bread in the house. This recipe turned out great (my only pet peeve being that she doesn't consolidate measurements - don't measure 9 teaspoons of yeast, because 3 Tablespoons is more accurate).

Took a shower!

Unloaded and loaded the dishwasher (this will probably happen twice more today).

Attempted to vote (I didn't realize the early voting in my town was a one-day event LAST Monday, which means I'll need to try to vote with the crowds tomorrow).

Managed to get the children to do their homework and help with laundry with a minimum of grumbling, and no crying (on anyone's part).

Is there still quite a bit of laundry hanging out in piles to be put away? Did I dust or vacuum? These days I need to be accepting of "Good Enough" and enjoy the time with my babies.

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