Tuesday, March 09, 2010

37 Days

The new house is coming along...Lights are installed, everything is painted, stone is on the fireplace. I would feel a lot better though, if this house would sell. We've had, on average, a couple of showings each week, but no offers. I think that we will reduce the price this week - I would hate to think that we would sell it for just barely more than we paid, especially since fees would eat up almost everything we have managed to gain in equity. Lest I sound like I am complaining, I am truly thankful for all the blessings that we've received in the process of getting our new house!
A few pictures of what the new place looks like these days:
Master bedroom (still most excited about my bathroom!)
Dining area, doorway into our bedroom, kitchen counter on the right:
In family room, looking into kitchen:

Things are moving fast, but I am still nervous that we will run into some huge hurdle along the way. I would even venture to guess that the nasty headaches I've had for the last 6 months might dissipate after all the closings are finished. I am carrying so much unnecessary stress.

In news of my girls, everyone is doing well. Thea had her first ear infection and antibiotics, usually we use the wait and see type of treatment, but she had been pretty miserable at for a few days already. Käthe and I were also battling colds, and Ella had progressed into full-blown pneumonia (again, second time this winter). I feel so bad for her - she is doing all right academically (at or just above grade level) but I can't help but feel that missing weeks of school at a time is holding her back. I remember reading lots of chapter books in first grade, and my mom's Christian pioneer novels by second grade (because I wasn't allowed to check them out from the school library yet - you had to be in third grade for full library access!)
I am planning on a bit of home summer-schooling so that she can make a fresh start at her new district this fall!
Käthe and Thea being silly:
Ella playing in the snow, Käthe and Thea eating it (their usual MO).

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