Monday, February 15, 2010

60 Days...

...and counting ' til new house closing. It is coming along quickly - almost entirely sided, it now has a front door and garage door, replacing the plywood that had been serving to keep it enclosed. Our little house is now officially for sale, the sign went into the front yard today. It is bittersweet - this is the house of all the first birthdays, Easter egg hunts, family dinners, garden fun. I have brought two brand new babies home here, and watched all three of my girls learn to walk, climb and run in our simple little abode. These two bedrooms and one bathroom are just not enough anymore, and I am so excited to have more space. Our new house is less that a mile from this one, and I think that the hardest part of moving will be driving by this one every day after we move, seeing someone else living here.

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