Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Counting down

I am kind of amazed that I am not in full-on panic mode at this point. Closing is in just a couple of weeks, we have a pending offer on this house (but the buyers' house hasn't sold), things seem to be falling into place. I tend toward expecting the worst, but every step toward this move has been a huge blessing, and I am trying hard to not let fear and doubt cloud my vision.
On one hand I am excited to be out of this house - since our offer is pending we are still showing it and having open houses. The pressure and stress of trying to get a house ready to show with three little kids following me around tends to make me not such a great mother in that last hour of frantic cleaning. On the other hand, I really will miss this little house. I am looking forward to one last Easter Egg hunt and Easter dinner!
Thea is crawling onto my lap and then onto the desk, so I think it's time to redirect my attentions!

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