Friday, September 27, 2013

Finish it up Friday

So, a couple of weeks ago we had a wedding to attend, and I went out to see if I could fine something new to wear. I was quite excited to find this skirt:
A little pink shimmer, built in liner, pockets!

I was even more excited by the price:

That's a 92% markdown, people!
Because I am a genius, right before it was time to leave I thought I would touch it up with the iron (even though it was only slightly wrinkled). What I failed to do was completely read the fabric contents. Mostly linen, hot iron. I missed that tiny percentage of rayon, and a tiny little portion of the skirt just...disappeared! Whoops.
Because the mall was on the way, and the skirt was a whopping $4.88, I stopped by on the way to the wedding and grabbed a (second) new skirt.
I was about to throw the first skirt into my fabric stash when I decided to try to salvage it with an applique. I pulled out my French Roses quilt pattern (by Heather French) and reduced the applique pieces by 20%. I cut them out of some hand dyed linen scraps I had hanging around and viola, problem solved.

Closer look at the raw edge applique:

You might notice that both of these skirts are super wrinkled. I hung them after washing and have not yet gotten up the nerve to brave even a cool iron. I'll try the appliqued one first.


Anna said...

Way to turn an oops into something awesome! That's so cute :) And you did awesome on the price!!

Taryn said...

Great idea to style up the skirt! Love it.

Anonymous said...