Sunday, February 10, 2013

February Sunshine

It was windy and raining this morning, so when I went outside this afternoon I was surprised to find that it was over 50˚F.  I came in and immediately shooed the children outside to ride scooters and run around for a bit. This is peculiar weather for February, and the temps usually hover in the teens most days. We are expecting snow tomorrow, and a high temp of 33˚, so sunshine and temperate weather are a gift.
I took Willem out for a walk in the stroller, not far (a little less than a mile?) but it felt so good to stretch my legs and soak up a little light. This postpartum has had a few dips and valleys, but none of the pits of despair and rage that came after baby number three. (I learned that a spring baby is better for my mind; for me, having a newborn just as the days get shorter and shorter is a difficult thing indeed.) I am anxious for spring, to get outside and stretch my limbs, to work away the last bit of baby weight, and get the children out of the house and each others' faces. Last March we had a glorious week of temps in the 80's, memorable because I was 40 weeks pregnant and found the heat a little shocking. I'm secretly hoping it happens again this year.

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