Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Readers, Schmeaders

The only time this blog has had readers of any sort was during the first NaBloPoMo, when I managed to post every day. I love having that record now, to look back at that moment in K├Ąthe's babyhood and Ella's toddler days. I would especially love to have that sort of record all the time.
I have a hard time deciding what I want this "place" to be - journal of the girlies? My own thoughts - those tend to be pretty child-centric these days. So many different things this could be - a mommy blog, thoughts on postpartum depression, thoughts on being an orthodox Lutheran. I think about the blogs I see in my Google Reader - everything from the crafty, like Tree Fall to mommying: Balancing Everything; Looky, Daddy!; My Charming Kids; to the very Lutheran: Cyberbrethren; Weedon's Blog; St. Paul Chapel.
I guess what I am saying is that I don't know "who" to write to - because it seems that there are so many different genres that I enjoy. My best bet is probably to write whatever I want, if anyone likes it they will read, and if they don't they can just keep going.

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Stephen Cummings said...

I'd suggest just writing and have the blog follow you.

Of course, I'm a hypocrite, sorta. I still maintain a personal blog, but now started a blog devoted to our upcoming parenthood. I suspect that's overkill, but my first blog (started in 2003) is really, really random and almost unreadable. I've considered deleting it. The new-baby blog has a Purpose, and that's motivating right now.