Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Grace in Small Things

My first Grace in Small Things post...this is not too far off of what the therapist I saw for PPD suggested to me - making lists of positive attributes to interrupt my constant loop of self-criticism. Since postpartum depression has reared it's ugly head for the second time (1st and 3rd pregnancies, go figure) it would be good for me to resurrect my attempts to focus on what goes right each day. So my small things:
1. My baby blows raspberries when she gets excited.
2. When I snuggled Käthe as she woke up this morning she said "I love you little mama."
3. My attempt to transform Ella's threadbare-in-the-knees jeans into a skirt went far better than I expected, and she loves her new skirt.
4. While Käthe is at playgroup tomorrow I get to have coffee and sew while my baby sleeps*.
5. My in-laws impending visit means that I will have the motivation to finally get the house back in order.

*Assuming that baby naps - a rather hit or miss proposal. But I have decided that 2 hour naps in the swing are better than 40 minute naps in the crib (crawling baby means she only sleeps in my bed with me.) Thea taking a million short naps every day is doing neither of us any good. I am hoping to get her into the habit of sleeping for longer periods before transitioning into "sleeping for longer periods where I would prefer her to sleep".

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