Thursday, January 03, 2013

Die gelbe Durchfall*

Nail polish serves a very specific function for me - it keeps me from biting my nails to shreds (and then destroying my cuticles when the nails are gone). Once my nails have recovered I can usually go without polish, until I happen to get engrossed in a book and notice when I finish the story that my nails have mysteriously disappeared.
My preferred polish colors are things non-sparkly and neutral, that don't show too much when they chip. I picked up this bottle last fall; it met the color requirements, it is one of the main colors of the local university (which pleased my daughters, they are devoted fans despite their parents having attended the rival state university), and it was on sale.
This fall has not been kind our health - strep throat and a couple of random bugs toured the household in November. December saw rotavirus meander through before Christmas and then Norwalk (norovirus) brought in a swift and complete attack on New Year's eve.
Consequently, I'm not sure that I'll every be able to use this nail polish again; it is the exact color found in sick baby diapers, SO MANY sick baby diapers.
*the yellow diarrhea

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