Thursday, November 01, 2007

Off to a slow start

This morning I sat down at my desk and thought "Wow, November first already.
Oh Crap - NaBloPoMo." That's right folks, I was almost out on the first day, having totally spaced it off. I wonder if I would have remembered. Probably, when I sat down to my feed reader and wondered why everyone was posting all of a sudden.
Unfortunately that was not my first "duh" moment of the day. That moment occurred when I walked down the hall toward my lab at 6:30 this morning and had the sudden realization that I was not wearing shoes. To be clear, I didn't leave my house and drive in 40˚ weather totally unshod, but those slippers I was wearing were not going to cut it for the entire day. So I poured an acrylamide gel and then went home for shoes while it set up. Fortunately I was able to sneak into my house and get shoes without waking the clan - it would have been a half hour trip for sure if the girls had woken up.
Finally, a bit of intoduction for any newcomers. I am a 28 year old scientist in the mornings and a mom of two girls 24/7. I am married to a wonderful man, Ehemann, and our daughters are 4 and 1. I refer to my kiddos as Big Whompers and Little Whompers, which is tedious to type and probably annoying to read, but I try to keep this anonymous. This is my second round of NaBloPoMo - I astounded myself by actually writing every day last November (and then posted very sparsly between then and now). This year, in addition to documenting a bit of what my girlies are like at this time of their lives, I am going to try to sort though some of my own issues as well.
Welcome to the Whompers.

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