Wednesday, June 20, 2007

5 month hiatus

So I took a few months off. Too many things in my days, it seems. Little Whompers took her first few steps on April 25, and now she's running around like mad. She turned one and Big Whompers turned 4 last week, so there have been parties and festivities abounding.
Big Whompers wanted a horse racing party, so we did horse heads printed on cardstock for everyone to decorate, and then stapled them to dowels. Stick horses for everyone! The racing was great and she had a fantastic day. I just love seeing her eyes light up when she is having a good time.
I am feeling quite out of practice, and will likely sound pretty disjointed as I try to get back into the swing of things on a regular basis. There are so many little things I want to remember of this time with my girlies, so there will probably be lots of posts of "cute things my kids said". Not very interesting reading, I know, but good enough for me.

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